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Why OnShore IT?

Because Security, Efficiency & Reliability are Everything

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Experience & Skill

Your network is the backbone of your business. Whether you need comprehensive network design and architecture, a redesign or troubleshooting of a legacy network, or security enhancements to a growing network, OnShore IT has the deep technical knowledge to get it right the first time.

OnShore IT has been partnering with medium-to-large businesses across industries for more than two decades, managing some of the largest networks on the planet. Our team of consultants, engineers and technicians have worked on every type of technology across diverse networks, giving us the ability to execute quickly. In fact, our engineers often design and deploy customized solutions a year or more faster then our competition.

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Expert Troubleshooting & Trouble-free Networks

We’ve been around long enough to know that network issues often go deeper than a quick fix. We take the time to understand the intricacies of your specific network, identifying root causes for recurring issues so we can resolve them once and for all. Our ultimate goal is to ensure your networks, no matter how complex, are efficient, reliable and secure.

OnShoreIT custom designs and implements a high-performance, redundant network with some of the fastest failover times possible to keep up with real-time data. Your network will be resilient and self-healing, automatically resolving problems for near 100% uptime. If an issue arises, our team will quickly isolate the problem and design a workaround to keep your network online.

cutting edge technology

Security Insight & Execution

The number of risks to the business and data continues to grow, threatening operations and reputations. Most legacy technology can’t keep up with modern cyber threats and big data requirements. OnShore IT integrates artificial intelligence and other cutting-edge technologies to keep networks safe. We go a step further to implement security features into your network so everything runs in the background without the need for management.

OnShore IT ensures your network meets or exceeds all security standards as well. We will design your new network or retrofit your existing network to be compliant. As security requirements change or arise, you can count on us to keep your network up to standard for peace of mind no matter where your company operates.

why - Security Insight & Execution
Why - 24/7/365 Monitoring & Resolution
constant monitoring

24/7/365 Monitoring & Resolution

OnShore IT offers incomparable monitoring services that capture more information and warnings than most off-the-shelf software. We catch issues that most software products miss, with added intelligence and redundancy so we are always focused on the right things. We never depend on clients telling us there’s a problem. We are constantly testing and checking your network to ensure nothing becomes an issue.

OnShore IT engineers go deep into your network to predict failure, then build custom checkpoints that run automatically in the software to predict potential failures. Our software tells us what’s broken, where and how for rapid resolution. We don’t just notify you of a situation, we offer incident management to get you operational as quickly as possible.

Our Core Values

OnShore IT was founded in order to bring the best technology professionals to enterprise markets to deliver outstanding service and solution consulting, design, implementation, monitoring, and incident management. Everything we do is built on personal relationships and a deep respect for our clients own core values.



We believe trust is central to our relationships with clients. We take the time to develop lasting partnerships with clients who can trust us with their networks, data and reputations.



We do what we do to help clients grow their business and their network peace of mind. We never attempt to sell solutions that aren’t integral to our clients network architecture.


Highest Standards

We are an accredited technology provider operating under the highest level of service. Our number one goal is to ensure your infrastructure meets your requirements and runs effortlessly.

Let us take care of the technology soyou can do what you do best.