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Comprehensive services to fit every network need

We design, secure, implement and support efficient, streamlined network architectures.

OnShore IT offers comprehensive services to fit every network need. From customized network design to implementing the latest security features, OnShore IT has the depth of experience with every type of technology to deliver the trusted results the first time, every time.

All of our engineers, design architects and technicians are experts in their craft, giving you peace of mind that no matter what network needs you may have, you can count on us to bring and execute the right solution. Our clients consider us an extension of their IT teams, enhancing their capabilities and supporting their efforts at whatever level they require. Ensuring your network runs optimally to automate your processes, integrate your systems and operationalize your business is our number one goal.

Technology Consulting

Companies are under increasing pressure to keep up with high demand, grow their networks, and integrate intelligence and security into those networks. OnShore IT partners with your team to understand your business requirements and assess your current architecture. In virtually every instance, we can identify opportunities to improve your existing network or customize a new network design. In both cases, we will improve your network’s efficiency, security and uptime for more streamlined data flow and a greater return on investment.

OnShore IT offers a complete end-to-end service to deliver the infrastructure that fits your requirements both now and as your company evolves. Our team takes time to transfer our knowledge to your staff, arming them with the tools they need to support any deployment we deliver. We also offer project management services to execute complete turnkey projects on your behalf.


Network Security

The number of risks to the business, data and brand reputation is growing. Many companies struggle to keep up with legacy technology that is ill-equipped to handle today’s cyber threats and big data. OnShore IT first evaluates your current system and risks to discover your vulnerabilities and areas for improvement. We then integrate artificial intelligence, modern security enhancements and other modern technology to keep your network safe.

We embed our security solutions directly into your network to run seamlessly in the background to provide 24/7/365 protection without you having to maintain the system. As your company grows or your requirements change, OnShore IT will ensure your network remains protected against the latest threats. You get peace of mind your network infrastructure meet or exceed all security standards.

Network Architecture

Your network architecture has to work, particularly when uptime can mean the difference between life and death, as with 9-1-1 call centers. Your OnShoreIT team offers unmatched technical design and implementation, delivering high-performance, redundant networks with failover times to keep up with realtime data. Many of the networks we design have never seen such rapid failovers. With OnShore IT, your network will be resilient, trouble-free and self-healing for near 100% uptime.

When we design your computer network, we consider every aspect of your business. It is critical that your systems speak to each other, sharing data and information to keep your business smart and efficient. Our goal is to make your network architecture not just operational, but a powerful engine that drives your business forward.

Why - 24/7/365 Monitoring & Resolution

Network Monitoring

Every network is different. At OnShore IT, our team has extensive knowledge about all types of network architectures. We build custom checkpoints into the software so it runs automatically to notify you of issues, then work with your service provider to resolve them. Instead of relying solely on a single type of check to determine health, we utilize multiple tests in a multi-layered check to monitor networks and proactively find issues. Redundancy with monitoring allows us to capture more information and warnings than other solutions.

Beyond monitoring, we look at trends over time, finding recurring issues and root causes. We never just “fix” the problem with a band-aid approach. Instead, we resolve recurring issues permanently and provide reporting to you so you understand exactly where the problem was with your hardware, software or even carrier.

Network Support

When your network isn’t running optimally, you can’t wait for help. OnShore IT offers an optional support service for companies who need to bring us in to fix their existing network. We also offer network maintenance and Tier 2-3 escalation support for clients who have internal IT teams who need assistance. No matter the issue, you can depend on our team of experts to independently support your network or work side-by-side with your existing team to service your network.

One of the biggest values we bring is our expertise with every type of network and technology. This gives us the ability to quickly isolate and resolve any issue or develop a workaround to keep your network up and running, even when being serviced. With OnShore IT, you can have full confidence your network runs efficiently so your business can stay competitive.


Let us take care of the technology soyou can do what you do best.